Does this plugin support HTTPS?

Yes, buddypress members only support HTTPS, HTTP and Websocket

Our plugin will detect your site is use https or http automatically and works well for both of HTTPS and HTTP, also our plugin support websocket too.

Can I Restricts Buddypress Components To Members Only?

Yes, Restricts your Buddypress standard components to Logged in/Registered members only.

In admin area, In “BP Components” option panel, you will find we have listed all buddypress standard buddypress components in a checkbox list, you can choose which components will open to guest user, or which components will only opened to logged in users, just a little mouse clicks, you can checked any buddypress standard components to open to non member users, and disallow non member users to touch other buddypress standard component, when non member users try to open any pages related with protected buddypress standard components, they will be redirected to redirect page which you setting in admin area, for example, you can setting non member users be redirect to your register page or your members payment page.

For example, you can open Buddypress Members Component / pages to non member users, but if they want to click members profile pages, they will be redirect your register page or payment page, or you can hidden your Buddypress Activity pages, so all of your buddypress activities can only be opened after they register and logged in your site.

Or you can open Buddypress Forums Component / Pages to non member users, but when non member users try to open pages related with Buddypress Groups Component, they will be redirected to the redirect page which you setting in admin area.. and so on, infinite possibilities.

How To Download Members Only Pro Plugin?

1: Please register as a user at here, it is very easy and quickly.

2: Please purchase buddypress members only pro plugin at here.

3: Please download buddypress members only pro plugin at here.

That’s all. 🙂

Php 7 Compatible?

Yes, of course

Can We Restrict BP profile only, not WP?

Yes,we have options to only protect your buddypress pages

Some users requested to only protect buddypress pages, and open all other pages related wordpress section to non member users. In this version, we realized this feature, just click the option “All Other Sections On Your Site Will Be Opened to Guest”, then other sections, for example page, post, store… and so on will be opened to non member users, at the same time, when they want to view your buddypress sections, they will be redirect to your redirect page which setting in admin area.

Can We Just Restrict Some WordPress Pages, but open some other wordpress pages?

Yes, you can Enable “page level protect” option in our plugin.

If you enabled page level protect option, when you edit page / post / product / video… and so on, you will find “Members only for this page?” meta box at the right top of the wordpress standard editor. If you checked “Allow everyone to access the page” checkbox in this meta box, the post will be opened to all guest users, by this way, you do not need enter page URLs to Opened Pages Panel always.