Buddypress Members Only Pro 2.2.2 Released

Hi Dears,

I am happy to report you that I just released a new buddypress members only pro plugin, in the version 2.2.2, I added these new features:
A: We support restricts BP standard components and customization components to users based on user roles, it looks like this:

You can setting which buddypress components opened for Non-Members / Guest users, and which buddypress components opened for logged in users based on user roles, for example:

1: You can setting allow Non-Members / Guest users only open buddypress members page, but they can not check buddypress members profile pages,

2: You can setting subscriber users can open buddypress members page and buddypress members profile pages, but they can not open buddypress messages pages.

3: You can setting paid members can open buddypress member pages and buddypress member profile pages, and they can not buddypress messages pages…

4: …. and so on

B: Changed professional logos on buddypress memebrs only setting panels, now it looks like this:

C: Use wp_enqueue_style to load css

D: Use wp_enqueue_script to load js

E: Minisize js and css file to speed up site speed.
F: Enhance security to stop run our php script directly
G: Disable list files in plugin folders directly to enhance site security

Please download and upgrade to newest version at your download page.

Our plugin is drive by user request, if you have any feature requests, it is super welcome to tell me at contact us,  thanks, have a blessings day with your family. 🙂

Best Regards,


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